About Us

Before opening the restaurant, my brother Frank and I spent five years laying the foundation of our future business out of the back of a food truck. When we started, we had no cooking experience and less food truck experience. We had an idea about hot dogs and community and believed a food truck was the perfect vehicle to explore both. Armed with limited equipment, our cell phones, and a strong work ethic, the two of us believed that we could learn simply by doing it.

In the face of immense pressure, skeptics and difficult lessons, our time on the food truck proved to be a masterclass in food, service, community, and hard work. The truck found its way throughout hundreds of neighborhoods in Buffalo and Erie County. We gained a loyal following of customers and valuable experience working with the community and bringing awareness to the efforts of dozens of non-profits.

Today, Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs is a friendly, fast-casual restaurant serving up unique hot dogs, addictive burgers, and the best french fries in Buffalo. Since opening the restaurant in 2018, our small business has been recognized locally and nationally for our food, service, and commitment to the community.