Disrupting Every Hot Dog Stereotype

Four years ago, Frank grew out of the understanding that "the hot dog is the ultimate tabula rasa upon which any gourmet creation can be built..." [Joe Leta, Buffalo News / Eats contributor] It should taste great and utilize quality ingredients in a fun, interesting and meaningful way. Out of that philosophy, smash hits like the Holy Moly, Hell's Kitchen, Violet Beauregarde & Modern Chicago were born. To our new friends and customers, all of our meats come from animals raised on farms where they are appreciated and treated with respect. Free to roam and graze, the hogs from these farms produce quality meat that is free of growth hormones and antibiotics. And because all of it comes from a collaboration of family farms in upstate New York, we are able to support small business agriculture while maintaining a consistent, quality product. By working with ingredients we believe in, it is our goal to offer our customers a unique hot dog experience that is in line with our personal values and nutrition standards. The days of just slapping ketchup and mustard on a highly-processed hot dog and generic bun are over. Today, more than ever, Frank represents a new take on the hot dog industry - and you're about to see a lot more of him.