The Question & Answer Post

Over the past few years, we have fielded a lot of questions from individuals about our hot dogs, menu and nutritional information in general. It seems today, more than ever, more and more people are inspired, informed & focused on eating better. And we think that is great! This company prides itself on using simple, high-quality ingredients to make the best hot dogs and food we can imagine. Frank is the first, and only, hot dog company in the Buffalo area that offers an all-natural hot dog free of nitrates, preservatives, dairy, gluten, and artificial ingredients. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we've fielded on the truck and at the restaurant. If you have a specific question, please share it in the comments section & we will happily respond! Is there really a Frank? Yes. What brand of hot dogs do you use? We typically offer three different hot dogs, including our own brand of Original Frank hot dogs, as well as a grass-fed beef hot dog & a vegetarian hot dog. Occasionally, we source specialty hot dogs from boutique butcher shops throughout the country.  Tell me about your hot dogs We believe that great hot dogs start with expertly raised, minimally processed meat. And because pork and beef are the foundation of what we do, we use the absolute best. All of our pork is sourced from The Piggery, a collaboration of family-farms in upstate New York. Free to roam and graze on pastures, the hogs from these farms produce quality meat that is free of growth hormones and antibiotics. What makes your hot dogs so special? Quality & Taste! At Frank, we prefer meat as it is meant and trust you do as well. Our hot dog standards prohibit the use of antibiotics, added hormones and artificial ingredients. All of our hot dogs are FREE of dairy, eggs, corn syrup, sodium nitrites, dextrose, sodium erthobates, and hydrolyzed soy. Unlike so many other hot dog companies, our hot dogs are made for quality and flavor, not for shelf-life. How do you cook your hot dogs? At the restaurant, our hot dogs are cooked on a charbroiler that provides the delicious taste you all love, without the unpleasant taste and smell of charcoal. On the food truck, the hot dogs are cooked up on a flat top grill. Where is the Piggery located? The 70-acre farm is located in Trumansburg, NY in the beautiful Finger Lakes region. My child has a food allergy, are all of your hot dogs gluten free? Yes. What is vegetarian hot dog? Is it a carrot dog? No, we never liked the idea of a carrot dog! Instead, we offer a house-made vegetarian link made with brown rice, lentils and a variety of different vegetables. It is extremely popular can be styled with just about any of our available menu toppings! At the restaurant, we have added a veggie burger as an option. Are the vegetarian hot dogs vegan? Yes; and you can always ask for a vegan bun! Are your hot dogs kosher? No. What type of fryer oil do you use? We fry all of our products in vegetable oil, never peanut oil. Are your fryers gluten free? Yes; however, there may be a rare exception on the food truck when it is not. Feel free to ask our team members. What menu items are gluten-free? Everything on the menu, except for our regular hot dog buns are gluten free. Yes, that includes all of our hot dogs, burgers and fries. We offer gluten free hot dog and burger buns too. Do you offer gluten-free buns? Yes. What is Blueberry Barbeque Sauce? It is a sweet and savory barbeque sauce with a pronounced blueberry flavor. Who is Frank Bruni? He is a former food critic for the New York Times. Where can I find the food trucks? Everywhere! The truck travels all over WNY for lunches, events and private catering. Our daily and weekly schedule is posted online at Where is your new restaurant located & when will it open? 707 Kenmore Avenue in the Town of Tonawanda at the corner of Starin Avenue. It is a block away from St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute and borders North Buffalo and Kenmore – minutes away from Amherst. It is now open for business!