The Start of a New Chapter

For the past five years, Paul and I have worked tirelessly to grow this business from a single food truck to a team with big ideas and goals. Our mission has always been to make the best hot dogs that we can imagine. In pursuit of that mission, we started making our own signature hot dogs, baking rolls daily & introducing modern condiments to the public. Since the beginning, we have been running the food truck division out of a small commercial kitchen in the former Blessed Sacrament School. Last year, we added a counter location inside Expo Market. This move came just before the offer to buy the building on Kenmore Avenue was accepted. Despite all of the growth and moving parts over the years, we have always felt like something was missing. And that 'something' was a place of our own. We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity that we were given at Blessed Sacrament. To be honest, though, we outgrew the space close to two years ago. Similarly, the communal nature of the Expo Market kitchen has posed its own set of challenges. Our team has worked hard over the past few years. Few people saw the vision in the beginning, but this group did. Paul and I told them that if we worked together as a team, we would get there together – to a place of our own, where we could finally play by our own rules. Every single person who has ever been a part of this team played an important role that took us forward and built this company. Paul and I want to celebrate the new location with all of them – each and every day. It is with bittersweet news to report that our last day of service at Expo Market is this Friday, May 25th. We learned a lot, made some new friends. It has been a pleasure working with Nick Sinatra and all of the vendors - Newbury Street, Sun Roll, Mercato, Breezy Burrito & Gypsy Bohemian Grove Bar. They have an exciting year planned and we wish them a lot of success. As for Frank, you know where to find him. The corner of Kenmore & Starin.