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Mjmalczewsky 1 day ago

Hand Cut Fries

Just got off the phone from scheduling our Friday Fish Fry. It will be our first time enjoying Frank's Gourmet as we just moved to the area from DC. However, we have been drooling over all of the pictures on social media and can't wait!! Had to be "schooled" on what Angry Sauce is and ended up ordering extra of that :) seamless and friendly ordering process - looking forward to Friday!!

Eliza 2 days ago

Hogtied Cheeseburger

This is the only burger I genuinely crave. 10/10 would recommend

Guest 6 days ago

Buffalo Chicken


Kater370 9 days ago

Buffalo Chicken

Gluten Free Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.... Yes, GLUTEN FREE! (celiac safe menu offerings that are fried! You read that right!). These guys are legit. They understand the anxiety customers may have when it comes to allergies/restrictions dining out. I've always felt comfortable asking questions, and they are always respectful and clear; which makes it easy to trust them as a regular dinner stop. THIS IS BUFFALO. Above and beyond in every way to help families dine out without worry. Everything they make is creative and delicious! Kudos to you guys for thinking of everyone & Thank you!!!

Nick 10 days ago

Buffalo Chicken

This sandwich is SLAMMIN! Easily one of the best in the area, don't miss out!

Kmw52484 25 days ago


This was my first time eating fish. Frank's way to go. As being a celiac and gluten free fish sandwich Frank's has out done themselves!! Its difficult to eat out but not a Frank's. Really appreciate that everything is gluten free. Keep up the great work Frank's!!!

Haley about 1 month ago

Fish Fry

Best fish fry I have had in years! I tell everyone about Frank's fish fry!

Quiltqueeny about 1 month ago

BLT Hot Dog

Too awesome for just a couple words!!! Tastes amazing and the fries rock!!! The cheeseburgers are, as my mom said, "the BEST I've ever had!!!".

Joan Stoltman about 1 month ago


My favorite fish fry. Can't wait for fish fry season! And it's gluten free! Frank is my go-to celiac-friendly destination! I don't do fast food, I do Frank!

Stephstax about 2 months ago

Fried Onion Cheeseburger

we went on my lunch break last week. Best burger ive had in a long time! I wanted a variation of a burger and they worked with me and the cashier gave me great menu choices to make sure my wallet and belly DID NOT LEAVE EMPTY! Going back tonight looking through the menu now so im better prepared i think im going for the Nashville hot chicken sandwich this time! And the salt and vinegar fries WOW! DONT LEAVE WITHOUT THE FRIES FRANK, HERE I COME!

Krleidolph about 2 months ago


I went to Frank's for the first time today and I had the Hogtied hot dog. It was delicious and the crispy onions gave it the perfect crunch! The staff was friendly and I can't wait to go back to try the Proud Mary!

Salgow about 2 months ago

Vegetarian Chili Dog

Best veggie dog ever! Loved the sweet potato chili topping.

Jane Rozek 2 months ago

Frank Mi

I have tried most of Franks hotdogs! I love them all! The Frank Mi is one of my favorite! Fresh fixins are what makes this hotdog sooo delicious! And the Sweetpotato fries are the very best!

Section6golf 2 months ago

Hand Cut Fries

In my household, we revere Frank's fries as The Best in Buffalo. There's good fries and then there's Franks. Paired with a dipping sauce? Next level.

Grouchyseamonster 3 months ago

Frank Bruni

Let me tell you the Secret History of a Full-Time Eater . . . this dog is one even the chief restaurant critic of the New York Times couldn't bark at!

Grouchyseamonster 3 months ago

Modern Chicago

It's the dog that Billy Sunday couldn't shut down!

Grouchyseamonster 3 months ago

Proud Mary

On the 7th Day, this is the dog God had.

Bfisher24 3 months ago

Frank Mi


Kpellegr 3 months ago

Hand Cut Fries

Perfection!! Just like the good ol' days eating fries in the summer in Canada

Akochczynski 3 months ago

Frank Mi

Love the Frank Mi hot dog. Something different and fun. Yum!

Buffalovely716 2 days ago

Impractical Joker Burger

So awesome, one of the best burgers I've ever had. I LOVE Frank- the sweet potato fries are also insanely good. I love that there are rotating specials and the beer selection is awesome.

Daphnespri 3 days ago


It is absolutely delicious and I get the single burger. The bun and burger is perfection and it literally melts in my mouth. The fries are amazing with salt & vinegar aioli. The fish fry is also pretty darn tasty as well.

Katie Remmes 8 days ago

Buffalo Chicken

This is the best chicken sandwich I've ever had! The French fries are fire🔥

Callarij 10 days ago


Gluten free fish fry? Yes please! It's not easy finding gluten free options around Buffalo but not only does this place give you options, it gives you a safe place to eat! I've been craving a fish fry for so long and when someone recommended Frank's, I had to check it out. Tastes like the real beer-battered thing and the fresh cut fries as a side? Amazing! Thanks so much Frank's for giving us gluten sensitive folks an option, many different items to be exact!

Jennifer Johnson 15 days ago

Sweet Potato Fries

This is a huge family favorite. We love Franks and all of their specials and local ingredients. It is definitely our favorite and our go to.

Mary 28 days ago

Patty Melt

OMG!!! How can things get better than the fish fry, French fries and hot dogs at Frank's?!?! A PATTY MELT!!! Fantastic! Beef is incredible, bread was amazing and perfectly toasted together with cheese and caramelized onions. Can't wait to get another one!!!!

Anneeduggan about 1 month ago

Fish Fry

As someone who has not had a battered fish fry in almost 10 years (darn gluten), all I can say is OH. MY. GOD. It is absolutely delicious!!!! This is a GF fish fry that even gluten lovers will love! Thanks, FGHD. You made this girl's whole week. :)

Bfisher24 about 1 month ago


By Farrrr the best hot ive ever had. I have had hit in several different places but Franks is hands down the best dog around! The Frank mi is my favorite but you cant go wrong with any of them!!

Joan Stoltman about 1 month ago

Fried Onion Cheeseburger

I was not an onion person until this burger. Fried onion cheeseburger, I love you. I've even had it cold two hours after being made. Yep, it was still good.

Vinnyjharris about 2 months ago

Nashville Spicy Chicken

French Fries that'll bring your girlfriend to her knees. She'll look at you and say, "These fries are amazing." And you'll smile back at her, gazing into her big beautiful eyes. At that moment you'll know your job here is done. You're a pro. You took her to Frank. Frank is the settler of all "I don't care, what do you want for dinner?" conversations. May we all believe in Frank, because Frank believes us.

Flydoctor about 2 months ago

Nashville Spicy Chicken

I had one of these last time it was on the menu and it was the best chicken sandwich I ever had... by a wide margin. I've been waiting for it come around again and now I know what I'm having for dinner tonight.

Susanbundt about 2 months ago

Lunch Special

The fish fry is absolutely amazing!! By any standards, it would be the best, but it's the answer to a gluten-free girl's prayer. I can go out for a Buffalo fish fry with family or friends that we ALL rave about. Fresh, tender,flaky - not a bit greasy-and so delicious! And Frank's sides take it over the top.

Bjwslw 2 months ago

Proud Mary

Best hotdogs on the planet!!! Also had the pastrami which is better than any pastrami I've eaten in NYC! Love you guys.

Avianlass77 2 months ago

Violet Beauregarde

Nothing can give me a taste of everlasting summer like a Violet Beauregarde. The tangy Blueberry Barbecue Sauce...and those crunchy onions...they work together to make a hot dog worth remembering. It's so hard to go back to ordering a plain hot dog after savoring one of these....unless one goes for a Proud Mary. Those are pretty excellent as well. Let's face it, Frank and Paul serve up some of the best "tastes of summer" all year 'round, so line up at their Kenmore location and order your favorite dog...but don't forget the fries!

Grouchyseamonster 3 months ago

Hells Kitchen

The one thing Daredevil and King Pin can agree on is that this is a damn tasty dog!

Grouchyseamonster 3 months ago

Violet Beauregarde

This dog is THE Golden Ticket!

Emoconnor27 3 months ago

Lunch Special

Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs are exactly that. They are classic and easy to love, but always with an elevated twist. I have been to Frank many times and gotten various different menu items and specials. Every single time I think, "ok, THIS is the best thing ever." One special in particular holds the most room in my heart. A french onion dip hot dog. When I ate that dog, I forgot all about Bison dip--and if that isn't saying something, then I don't know what to tell you! I immediately thought they could quit the hot dog game altogether and just sell that dip. I dream about that hot dog daily. Further, as someone who has to eat gluten-free, I can't express how exciting it was to find out they had a gluten-free fish fry. Then when I actually tried it, I could have cried - it is amazing!! These people know what they're doing.

Mary 3 months ago

Bacon Cheeseburger

I've tried many, many made my own proud Mary burger!! I've said to many people, your menu, especially fries, would be my death row meal!!! Thankfully, I just need to drive to restaurant and don't need commit a felony to eat the fresh/amazing food!!

Tshafer44 3 months ago


Franks Cheeseburgers are my new favorite. Gluten-free buns are great as well as the regular ones. You can taste the quality and freshness of all ingredients In all of their menu items.

Meanica123 3 months ago

Fried Onion Cheeseburger

We stopped last weekend and now again today. The cheeseburger with fired onion is awesome. Looking forward to another visit!


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